‘The Pavement Bookworm’ has, at the time of publication in 2015, gained international attention. Philani hoped to channel this attention into real support for his literacy projects and Book Clubs for underprivileged children.

Unfortunately, the book is not currently in print. Philani has to buy the rights from the original publisher, Blackbird Books, to enable him to print his work independently.

‘Collecting Headlines (A child’s view of just about everything, including history)’, is a children’s history book written in simplistic terms to create enthusiasm about South African society and our rich heritage. An illustrator is required for this book. Philani hopes to publish this book independently.

‘Am I Well? (A Bookworm battling chronic depression while getting SA reading)’, interrogates the intrinsic level of mental illness and the stigma and isolation experienced by victims of this silent killer. He uses his personal experience as patient at Tara in Sandhurst, as well as the many close relationships built with fellow patients, as base. Philani hopes to publish this book independently.